The Hair You Always Dreamed Of – Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Want smoother, shinier, frizz-free hair? Keratin Smoothing Treatments eliminate 95% of frizz and unwanted wave from the hair – leaving your locks soft, shiny and luxurious.

The hottest products in hair care don’t simply make the hair look great, but actually restructure the strands, so the hair is healthier. The hair is treated with healthy keratin and the rough cuticle is smoothed, then the beauty is heat-sealed in.

“When I saw the Keratin Complex products it was very exciting. I knew that this line was the prescription for so many of my clients. Finally, a treatment has been developed that alters the texture of the hair! I was trained and brought the product into the salon. Immediate results put smiles onto the faces of clients. This treatment process adds a youthful bounce and shine to hair not to mention, hours to my client’s lives!

As we age, hair changes. Often we see an uneven texture that makes it difficult to style consistently. This process transforms an unruly head of hair of various textures, to naturally sleek and easy to manage. This is the answer!” says industry-leading hair stylist Kevin Moshier.

This is long awaited news for anyone who’s tired of fighting with his or her hair. After getting this treatment, welcome an ocean breeze and be free to play, exercise, work, and live in the real world in real weather. The Keratin Complex Hair Therapy™ by Coppola Designer Hair Care soothes and smooths the surface of coarse frizzy hair known as the cuticle, and deposits a salon shine. This is a weather proofing treatment that will free hours for anyone who has ever struggled with the effects of humidity or a workout. No such thing as a bad hair day is more than a possibility; it’s now a reality!

Other popular relaxing and straightening process on the market grow out leaving lines of demarcation. This Keratin Complex Hair Therapy™ is a treatment that gently fades over time. Once applied, hair is transformed and easier to work with for up to 5 months. The results leave beautiful salon perfect tresses lasting beyond washings and beyond the imagination!
Wash and wear hair!

For anyone who has been a slave to hair or engaged in lengthily beauty routines only to surrender to headgear (hats, ponytails and clips) this is treatment is life changing! And, the more damaged and chemically treated the original hair…the better it absorbs the keratin solution and the longer the treatment lasts.

When used by an expert like the creative team at Pure Aveda Salonspa, this remarkable treatment, The Keratin Complex Hair Therapy™ is worth the investment of time and cash. It saves both in the long run. This Treatment is freedom!

A standard salon visit for the process at Pure Aveda Salonspa takes about 3-4 hours depending on the length and volume of the hair. It’s even safe to get hair color in the same visit…. One stop shopping so there’s a big time saving immediately.

What to expect:
The process takes about 3 to 4 hours start to finish.
The Keratin treatment is ideal for colored and damaged hair.
– If colored in the same visit that’s done first.
– Heat is combined with the keratin to fill in the deficiencies and enhance hair texture.
– Gently, product is sealed in from the roots to the ends.
– The entire head becomes flat and straight, smooth and silky.

Post treatment:
Instructions are specific and strict for the first 3 days.
Do not clip, park sunglasses, wet, or put hair behind ears for THREE DAYS.
Let it hang!
When finally washed, new hair is revealed. Really!

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner are professionally recommended for at-home care.

The results are liberating! This is the end of begging and coaxing locks according to the weather. Have the hair you always coveted.
Have hair that’s smooth, sexy and easy…hair that moves in the wind falling back into place with a ‘California Valley Girl’ hand flip!

Client, Barbara Winston says, “After that first washing, I let my hair air dry.
There’s no frizz, no curl, but…and here’s the good news…there’s still just enough texture and body to work with. It was easy to experiment with my flat iron. I twisted the ends and in less than 5 minutes, I am not exaggerating, my hair is in soft waves just where I want, and lasts until the next washing. I’m hooked!”

The Keratin Complex Hair Therapy™ treatment is a semi permanent, smoothing, straightening and strengthening system. There’s never a line of demarcation in the new hair as it grows out. After four months, expect the hair to be a bit fuller than it was right after the treatment, but not unruly.

See how to loose the brillo head and gain freedom and time!
For a complementary consultation and to learn more about this amazing treatment, call Pure Aveda Salonspa at 352.383.9091 or book online at Our stylists have been trained and are certified by Coppola.

**Warning: Hairdressers must go through a specific training program for the Copolla Keratin Complex before applying process to clients. The treatment is designed for ‘in-salon’ use only. A skilled stylist can safely apply the process and insure that the formula is stable and fume free.

About Pure Aveda Salonspa

Experience trendsetting haircuts and color, therapeutic massage, skin care and body treatments that refresh and rejuvenate with pure flower and plant ingredients. A visit to Pure Aveda Salonspa brings style and balance to your life in an environment where beauty and wellness converge. See and feel the Aveda difference. Enjoy signature treatments that care for you and the Earth.
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7 Responses to The Hair You Always Dreamed Of – Keratin Smoothing Treatment

  1. Very nice post about keratin smoothing treatment.i like this treatment and its work very well.

  2. Robin says:

    Read all the reviews of the keratin smoothing treatment but am confused it may be harmful.

  3. Evy says:

    Keratin smoothing treatment its such a very nice treatment for straightening your hair.

  4. Stella says:

    Yeah its a best straightening treatment, no doubt about that

  5. Michael says:

    I think whenever you are thinking about straightening your hair keratin smoothing treatment is best for that.

  6. Emiley says:

    In straight hair you looks more beautiful rather than curly hair..and also i like straight hair..

  7. Rosie says:

    I also recommended to keratin smoothing treatment even i try it and its such a good way to straight your hair.

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