3 Signs You’re in a Hairstyle Rut

Knowing when it’s time to make a change to your hair isn’t always easy. You may be stuck in a hairstyle rut and not even realize it—asking yourself these three questions can help.

 1. Has it been more than five years since you rethought your style? Even the most classic look needs occasional tweaks.

2. Typically when you look in the mirror, do you love your hair? It seems like a simple question, but when life gets busy, it’s easy to think, “Well, it’s okay/fine/best I can do.” Talk with a stylist about options you might like more.

3. Do you see your haircut—or anything remotely similar—in any current magazine? If your answer is no, except in a “before” photo, your style probably needs to be refreshed.

Make a consultation appointment with a stylist. Talk about what you love and what you hate about your current style. Get feedback from the stylist on your hair’s texture and their thoughts on what kind of haircut and color would look good on you. The sit back, relax and let the transformation begin.

Enjoy a complimentary consultation at Pure Aveda Salonspa, Mount Dora. http://visitpure.com

About Pure Aveda Salonspa

Experience trendsetting haircuts and color, therapeutic massage, skin care and body treatments that refresh and rejuvenate with pure flower and plant ingredients. A visit to Pure Aveda Salonspa brings style and balance to your life in an environment where beauty and wellness converge. See and feel the Aveda difference. Enjoy signature treatments that care for you and the Earth.
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