Passionate About Passion Flower!

We are so excited that Aveda has released its limited edition makeup collection for Autumn/Winter 2012. The Passion Flower Makeup Collection takes inspiration from ultra-feminine beauty with a modern twist- focusing on bold lips, glowing skin and sculpted brows.

The collection contains Aveda Essence Single Eye Colors; silky, delicate shadows ideal for blending and building shades. With a remarkably crease-resistant formula, this floral scented product effortlessly delivers a lovely color each time. Available in six alluring hues: Cerulean Bloom, Calla Lilly, Brown Velvet Rose, Bittersweet, Night Iris and Green Tuberose.

For high pigment colour and super soft lips, Aveda’s Nourish Mint Smoothing Lip Colour is a must. Its magic formula of plant and fruit waxes means lips are plumped and hydrated upon application, as well as given a gorgeous, creamy colour. Available in the collection as: Wild Fuchsia, Snap Dragon and Rare Orchid.

Also available for lips is the Aveda Nourish-Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze. This soothes lips, as well as coloring with a gleaming, shine finish and comes in the limited edition shades of Star Dahlia, Gilded Lotus and Pearl Rose. Finally, for a nourishing lip liner, Aveda’s Nourish- Mint Lip Liner is available in the shades of Foxglove and Tarragona. The product helps to define and shape lips, as well as moisturising them and lasting throughout the day.

If you are interested in the collection and would like to reserve a complimentary Makeup Consultation please click here.

content source: Groomed & Glossy

About Pure Aveda Salonspa

Experience trendsetting haircuts and color, therapeutic massage, skin care and body treatments that refresh and rejuvenate with pure flower and plant ingredients. A visit to Pure Aveda Salonspa brings style and balance to your life in an environment where beauty and wellness converge. See and feel the Aveda difference. Enjoy signature treatments that care for you and the Earth.
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