Be inspired with Aveda’s Neo Goth Collection


Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders and the Aveda Artistic Team transformed gothic romanticism of the past into silhouettes that accentuate raw beauty of the future for the new collection: Neo Goth. “Neo Goth captures the magic and sense of mystery of the Gothic darkness we’ve seen on the runways,” says Antoinette. “We captured the strength and emotion of the neo-gothic movement and reframed it by adding fragility and romance to the look.  By pairing it with graphic futurism of Japanese manga and anime we created images that are almost otherworldly.”

“The makeup focus this season is on a strong brow paired with rich and pigmented lips and luminous skin to craft a dynamic appearance,” says Janell Geason, Artistic Director for Aveda makeup. “Luxurious petal tones blended softly, sculpted brows and color saturated lips cast features in a provocative new light.”

The cuts featured in the Neo Goth Collection play with the silhouette of hair the same way clothing designers use belts—drawing the eye to a featured area. Hair color plays with the illusion of shadow by melting unique colors together. By using deep, dark tones at the roots, and bright through the lengths, it accentuates the brightness and movement in lengths. When the hair is up all that is seen is bold, vibrant color.

“We took inspiration from Japan this season—the big eyes of manga cartoons, the brightness of anime traditional geisha silhouettes,” says Allen Ruiz, Artistic Director for Styling. “The styles are iconic in design, yet feel modern, even futuristic—and have our collection’s gothic edge.”

About Pure Aveda Salonspa

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